Stair Parish Church commissioned a history of the Parish of Stair as a Millennium project.   This book was published in July 2000, and copies of the book can be obtained through the church at a cost of £5 plus postage and packing.   All proceeds from the book are for charity.

The book covers the whole of the Parish of Stair coupled with Trabboch, whilst on this page we will concentrate on a short history of the church only.

Stair Parish Church is well known for its friendly welcome given to both visitors and members,  and all are very welcome.
Stair Parish was formed in 1669.   The powerful Dalrymple family decided that Ochiltree church at 5 miles was too far to travel.   James Dalrymple bacame first Lord Stair and was raised to the peerage as Viscount Stair in 1690.

Because of the political situation at the time, the first church was not built until 1706.   The first church, on the same site as the present church, was, from all outward appearances like a typical barn of the time, with only a small belfry at one end to disinguish it.   The church had two lofts, the Barskimming loft and the Drongan loft, and there was also the Stair aisle.   It must have been fairly large as it is documented to have held 400 worshipers.

The present church was built in 1864 and has had two extensions added since that time.   In 1964 the church was extended to include a Sunday School room, and in 2001 the Sunday School room was extended again.

The original parish included Drongan and Trabboch, Drongan has since separated.

The circle was fully turned in 1993 when Stair church and Ochiltree churches were linked.

Our present Minister Mrs. Carolyn M. Baker took over the linked charge in 1998.

A full history of the church and Parish can be obtained by purchasing 'Steps through Stair' from the church at a cost of £5.  All proceeds from the book are sent to charity.

First Church Built
Present Church Built
Barskimming estate bridge
Stair Community Centre
Previously Trabboch School